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Miseducation (TV series)

Series 1 week ago

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Story: Mbali Hadebe finds herself on the cancelled list after the police raids her house and seize her family's assets because of her mother, Brenda Hadebe's corrupt political dealings.

Embarrassed and with her tail between her legs, Mbali runs to Grahamstown University in Makhanda, where she strives to reinvent herself and escape her mother's corrupt legacy. Nothing about Mbali is basic, including her reinvention strategy!. From driving the campus cab, appearing on the campus gossip show, The Spill by Raeesah, and even running an SRC campaign, Mbali's journey back to the top is encouraged and inspired by her new misfit squad, Jay and Natalie.

And the SRC campaign she's running? All inspired by campus rowing champion, local hottie, and now dramatic situationship, Sivu Levine who's up against veteran President, longtime campus activist aka 'Comrade' Caesar and Hotep conspiracy theorist, Mubarak.

Miseducation Season 1
Series | 1 week ago

Miseducation Season 1