Merlin Season 5 Episode 7 - A Lesson in Vengeance

1 month ago

After Arthur is unseated from his horse, his saddle is shown to have been tampered with and stable groom Tyr Seward blamed. Imprisoned, he tells Merlin he saw the true culprit but was told his mother would die if he informed on them. The actual saboteur, Guinevere (enchanted by Morgana) kills Tyr, and Arthur realises too late his innocence. Guinevere then poisons Arthur and casts the blame on Merlin, leaving an imprisoned Merlin to use magic to save himself and the king. To cover herself, Guinevere summons the apothecary from whom Morgana purchased the poison to pass subsequent blame onto Morgana as the would-be assassin, though Merlin knows better.

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